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November 28th, 2012

The BEST Beat Makers and Beat Creation Softwares in one place!

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How to find a good Beat Making Software online

February 24th, 2012

Beat Making SoftwareWhich is the best beat making software to get you started the fastest? Currently there are several different beat generators available some are expensive and complex while others are easier to use and do not cost $400-500 like professional music software. It can take a long time to decide for the right software that finds the balance between being too complex and too easy/limited in features. You want to get started fast without a weeks long learning curve but at the same time you want to have plenty of options and settings to create a wide variety of beats. Thankfully, today there is good beat making software available that fits exactly into this gap between cheap toy beat maker that just creates a limited set of low quality sounds and expensive studio software that takes weeks to master.

What do you need to look for when buying beat making software online? First the beat maker should not be too expensive. If you dont have any prior music creating experience you dont want to drop a ton of cash on some software not knowing if making beats is the right thing for you. So you should not spend more than $100 dollar on any software just to get your feet wet. I’d even say not more than $50 – every good beat making software that that i know costs less than that. So for the price of two large family pizzas you will get an all in one software package that allows you to create studio quality music tracks: House, Hip Hop, Techno, Dubstep and many more.

Apart from the price you should take a close look at the feature set. Among the must have features of any beat making software i would name the ability to export your creations in a high quality format, an intuitive interface with library, sequencer, drum set, sampler and last but not least some good training tutorials that get you up and running fast.

Don’t just go for any software that looks cool. Many people are buying the wrong beat making software because they see a flashy product but do not pay attention to the technical details. In the end you want a beat maker that can create good music that you can play at your next party, so it has to sound good.

So which beat maker should you chose. Currently there are 3 very good ones available: DubTurbo, Sonic Producer and CyberSequencer. If you are more into Hip Hop i would check out Sonic Producer – it has the best hip hop sounds – at least to my taste. The other two ones are somewhat similar. DubTurbo a little bit older, mature than CyberSequencer. Both can create all genres of music beats, also Hip Hop. Which one is my favorite? CyberSequencer! It creates the best sounds, has the best interface and can be used for all kinds of music and since i love House AND Hip Hop it was the way to go. In your case i would check out all three of them and chose the one to your liking which you would feel the most comfortable with. Read each website and compare features and watch all the demo videos to get a clear picture of what the software can do.

So what are you waiting for? Get started today!

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Finding a good Beat Generator online that gets you started in no time

February 8th, 2012

Music Beat GeneratorSo you have made the decision to get a beat generator online and have started to do some research to find the best one which gives you the most for your money as well as many features to play with and create professional studio quality beats that don’t only impress your close friends. There are many beat generation tools available at the moment as it has become more and more popular to create beats at home over the last 5 to 10 years. So which one is the best to get?

A lot of the more well known beat generators or music studio applications are more geared towards the professional musician and are nit very suitable for a beginner. I’m sure you have heard of programs like Pro Tools, Cubase or Ableton Live. These are all very good tools but not really suited for a beginner especially if you want to see good results in a short amount of time and you don’t have time to master the program.

There are some lesser known products available that are perfect for a beginner with a small budget: CyberSequencer, DubTurbo and Sonic Producer.

All three of them offer an excellent set of functions that help you create killer tracks scratch. The beat generator these three i would recommend for Hip Hop is Sonic Producer! This beat generator has the best beats for making these typical hip hop tracks with a bold sound. Yes the program might look a bit dated and not as flashy as DubTurbo or the new CyberSequencer but for Hip Hop it is still my #1 choice!

The other two beat generators, CyberSequencer and DubTurbo, are really the state of the art when it comes beat making software. Both have an excellent set of features and allow you to produce studio quality beats with no further software required. Both have 16 independent tracks, huge sound libraries and are capable to export your creations as a 44.1KHz studio quality .wav master file. I’d consider these as the most important features.

To get you started quickly both have an extensive set of tutorials which i recommend you check out before using either beat generator. They explain the huge set of features that they come with, far too many to list them all here. I highly suggest you check them out both CyberSequencer and DubTurbo as they are very comparable feature wise. On their websites you can find demo videos and comprehensive feature lists to compare both beat generators. So which one is the best beat generator? I would say it is a matter of personal preference, it depends which interface you like better, which bonuses that are supplied have more value for you.

I personally use Sonic Producer for hip hop beats and CyberSequencer for House and everything else as i like both Hip Hop and House. DubTurbo is a bit older than CyberSequencer but overall a more mature product, but then again CyberSequencer has currently a good launch special that is hard to pass up and it is just plain fun to play with the software. So get started and check them out and impress your friends with some cool tunes!


Creating your own Club Hit with a Beat Generator the Easy Way

January 29th, 2012

Beat GeneratorIf you like going out into clubs dancing or heard a great hip hop or house tune on the radio you know how addictive a good beat can be. Maybe you have thought about creating your own beat using a beat generator or music beat maker? If that is the case i can give you a few tips to create something that sounds good from scratch even if you have never created music or beats before.

To begin you need a good beat generator or music beat maker. It should not be too complicated or expensive and the learning curve should not be too steep. You can get a beat generator online for well below one hundred dollars. An advantage is that the beat generator software runs directly on your home desktop pc or laptop so no expensive studio equipment is necessary.

After you installed your beat generator you can start setting up your track. The first thing you set is usually the timing which defines how fast the beat will be. A common speed is at around 120bpm or for beats per minute. Common music genres usually range from about 100bpm up to over 140bpm.

After you set the speed for your track you would select a sound that you like to have for the beat. Each beat generator software has a huge library of sounds to pick from so you want to spend some time to listen through them and pick the best one for your track. There are three different main types of sounds to choose from: bass, snare and hi-hats. The bass is of course the most important sound as no modern hip hop or house track can be created without. The advantage of a beat generator is that you modify a plethora of settings and define the outcome of the final sound to your liking. If you get stuck you can check the help or tutorials section of your beat generator. Good ones have even video tutorials that walk you thru the different sections of the software.

When you have your sounds ready you would usually create a loop so that the beat pattern will play continuously. The rhythm is set in the sequencer of the beat generator which shows one fill loop of the beat sequence.

Don’t worry if it doesn’t sound like a high-class studio production during your first few tries, continued practice improves your skill and with the right beat generator your creations will sound like a professional production.

So time to get a beat generator and start making beats – What are you waiting for?


A Beat Generator – Must Have Tool For Creating Cool Beats

January 25th, 2012

Music Beat GeneratorIf you are an aspiring musician, you know that the base foundation for any great music track is a great beat. So the first tool you need to get started is a beat generator. It is perfect to create music that falls into genres such as hip hop, R&B, house, techno, reggae, techno and a dozen other genres that have percussive elements.

A beat generator on your computer is a software version of expensive studio equipment that is normally present in a state of the art recording studio such as a sequencer, keyboard and a drum set. This equipment is normally very expensive so only pro musicians are able to afford them. This is where a beat generator comes in which only costs a fraction of professional music equipment and runs on your standard home computer. This is welcomed by all the starters in the music and beat making niche as they can get their toes wet and see if making beats is their talent or just an interest. The software beat generator also comes with tunes and beats pre-made which you can mix your own music in to create totally new and unique music.

If you want to buy a beat generator you need to make sure it meets certain quality standards for music production such as the ability to produce studio quality .wav audio files, a full drum set, sequencer and a large library to store samples and beats. Ideally it should come very close to the real live version of an expensive studio beat generator. The more options the better. It might look complex and overwhelming at the beginning but once you get the hang of it you would want as many options as possible to modify your beats.

The ability to also save your completed work as a standard mp3 file is common function that every beat generator has. This allows you to quickly export your work and burn it on a CD or put it on your MP3 player and take it directly to the next party. When you do this just make sure to export in the highest quality possible, at least 160 kbps. MP3 is a compressed format and anything less would make your beats sound dull and distorted.

In the end the main advantage of a software beat generator is that you virtually can get started today creating your own beats without spending a ton on studio equipment not knowing if it is the right thing for you. These beat generators usually come with video tutorials and a big library of sounds and beats that get you up and running in not time even with no prior knowledge. Today you can get a really good beat generator for the price of just two or three big pizzas and in return be the next star on the party around the corner. Are you ready to produce the next no.1 hit?


Welcome to My Beat Generator

January 12th, 2012

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